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I can teach you how to build a business audience that is 100% OBSESSED with you.

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Do you still love what you do?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to write.

As a geeky and awkward elementary school student, I would pen soap operas about my fellow classmates (until a teacher shut down my “project” because it wasn’t “appropriate.” Thanks teach for your support! *cue eyeroll*)

I got a degree in Communications. I spent years writing stories as a publicist. I worked as a freelance journalist for a local magazine. I write newsletters for you. I write e-books and online classes.

And I’ve written two movies for Lifetime Network, sold a TV series that’s currently in development, and just inked a deal to write a trilogy of movies – squeeeee!

But as much as I love writing, there are definitely times when my love slips away. I’ve had long lonely nights where I’ve erased all the crappy words on the screen, shouting in a teary rage “Why do I suck?!!!”

But even through these rages, I still have my love for writing. Deep in my heart. Much like relationships, there are times when you want to strangle your partner but the bottom layer is always love, love, love, wanna-be-with-you-forever, totally-worth-it… love.

I receive lots of emails from wonderful people in my community who feel guilty because they “hate” something that they used to love.

I always say that the high times of your career (or business) don’t really matter. It’s how you navigate the dips and slumps – the times you fall out of love with your work – that really make the difference.

If you used to love coaching (except now you don’t), or you used to love graphic design (except now you don’t), or you used to love running an online business (except now you don’t), my advice is… don’t throw away what you’ve built too quickly. Wait.

Things might feel frustrating right now, but you could be moving through a temporary slump. Your love might return, and it could be stronger than ever.

How can you know if that will happen? You just sorta… know. Intuitively, in your gut, you know, “This sucks… but it’s temporary. I’ll get through this. Deep down, I’m still in love. I just know it.”

It can also be helpful to remember that no one – not even the best of the best, not even highly paid celebrities, not even full-time artists or bestselling authors – absolutely love what they do every single second of their life. They have fits of rage and meltdowns and “blah” days where everything feels insanely tedious, just like you.

But still… love prevails. It comes around again.

For me, that’s writing.

The long sleepless nights. Moving to Los Angeles. The writer’s block. The teary fits of rage.

All worth it, for something you love.

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