I can teach you how to build a business audience that is 100% OBSESSED with you.

Let’s do this.

Grab the free I HEART BATCHING GUIDE and get a bunch of content written… all at once.

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I can teach you how to build a business audience that is 100% OBSESSED with you.

Let’s do this.

That feeling


You know that feeling you get when you discover a gripping TV show or a page-turning novel that you cannot put down?

That stay-up-all-night-devouring-until-the-final-scene feeling?

You close the curtains. Silence your phone. Skip your shower (meh, who needs it?). Then you curl up with your scintillating new show or book for a marathon binge-sesh. You watch… or read… more… and mooore… until you conk out on your bed. Then you wake up and can’t wait to dig in… again!

You are not just a customer, client or fan.

You are… OBSESSED!

That’s the same kind of feeling that you want YOUR business audience to have about YOUR work. Your blog posts, your podcasts, your services, products, workshops, events… all of the offerings that you create. Raging, over-the-top OBSESSION.

Want to learn how to build a community of clients and customers who are completely obsessed with you?

Um, duh! I know you do! 😉

Next step?

Get yourself signed up for my free preview class of OBSESSED.

OBSESSED is a fast-paced, heart-pounding 5-day class for anyone who creates business offerings (think: services, products, classes, masterminds, events.)

If you’re feeling bummed because sales have been slow, or because people just don’t seem that “into” what you’re offering, this class is for YOU.

You’ll get 5 mini, fun-sized lessons that will totally flip the way you think about “building an audience” and “promoting your work.”

As the class rolls along, I’ll hand out encouragement—and PRIZES—to motivate you to keep going.

When? Where?!

The OBSESSED preview class is happening online. You can participate from anywhere in the world. Any city. Any timezone.

The dates are: October 31 to November 4, 2016.

Sign up for the FREE 5-day OBSESSED class HERE.

I’ll see you inside!

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