The Better Bio Challenge: 25-Word Intro

It’s BACK. It’s bold. It’s free. It’s dripping with jaw-dropping tips + guilty-pleasure-prizes.

It’s time for …


Your bio is like a stunning red carpet gown — think: Emmy, Oscar, Tony, Grammy.

It should make you look + feel totally amazing, show off your very best assets, and get people clamoring for your attention.

It should be tasteful, but playful.

Impressive, but not too buttoned-up.

It should leave people dazzled — but wanting more.

That is, if it’s written correctly. 😉

I wish I could tell you that once you write one version of your bio, you’ll be done. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. You’re going to need a couple different versions of your story, for different spaces + places. And that’s a GOOD thing! (After all: who wants just one bejeweled gown?)

For the next three weeks, your challenge is to craft not one, not two, but three different versions of your bio — making each one your very best, yet.

Week 1:             The cocktail mini. Your 25-word intro.

Week 2:            The femme fatale. Your 75-word byline.

Week 3:             The evening gown. Your 150-word story.

Before you start moaning in dismay, pop a chill pill.

THE BETTER BIO CHALLENGE is designed to be ridiculously simple — with time-saving tips + fill-in-the-blank templates, galore.


Day 1. The cocktail mini. Your 25-word intro.

You’ve got your business cards stashed in your purse. Outfit is looking mighty fine. Hair? Coiffed to perfection. A dab of lipgloss, and you’re ready to strut right into that cocktail party… or networking event… or dinner soiree… or lively workshop… or online classroom… or woo-the-client interview.

There’s just one thing you forgot:

Your 25-word intro.

Let’s fix that, shall we?

It’s time for your very first BETTER BIO CHALLENGE: crafting a phenomenal personal introduction.

Here’s mine:

Hey, I’m Melissa.

I work with people who haaa-ate promoting their businesses.

I show them how to get more publicity + sales — while making every step feel like a total guilty pleasure.

OK, so that’s technically 33 words — but you get the idea. 😉

Your turn!

Hey, I’m _____________.

I work with / I create products for / I train / I coach / I speak to / I serve people who …

: love …

: hate …

: need …

: crave …

: can’t figure out how to …

: struggle to …

: secretly yearn for …

: are looking for …

: desperately want …

: are totally over …

: are totally into …

: are totally ready for …

I help them / I remind them / I train them / I give them the tools to / I show them how to …

: have more _____________, while sprinkling in a little _____________.

: get more _____________, while making it feel like _____________.

: deal with _____________, while getting more _____________.

: get exactly what they want, which is _____________.

: bring more _____________ into their lives.

: turn _____________ into _____________.

: resolve _____________, once + for all.

: look + feel totally _____________.