The Better Bio Challenge: 75-Word Byline

The Better Bio Challenge: 75 word byline #copywriting #businesstips #onlinebiz #melissacassera

It’s here. The moment you’ve been waiting for.

A heart-pounding opportunity to write, speak or strut your stuff in front of a brand-new audience.

Maybe it’s your very first guest post for a saucy blog.

Or an invitation to get interviewed by a savvy podcaster.

Or a chance to write a dishy advice column (lifelong dream!) for your local newspaper.

Or the speaking gig opportunity of a lifetime. (Your drop-the-mic moment.)

You’re ready to saunter in + serve up the very best of what you’ve got — your tips, your brilliance, your oh-so-helpful insights.

There’s just one missing piece:

A 75-word byline to sum up what you’re all about — for the soon-to-be adoring fans who don’t know you, yet!

It’s time for your second BETTER BIO CHALLENGE: crafting a seductive byline.

Here’s mine:

Melissa Cassera is a Publicity Expert for people who haaa-ate promoting their businesses.

Through her totally-addictive blog posts, free challenges + on-demand classes, she’s here to show you how to get more publicity + sales — while making every step feel like a total guilty pleasure.

A few of her guilty pleasures? Epic movie trailers, trashy novellas + salted-caramel everything.

Transform your business into a toe-curling addiction at

Your turn!

_____________ is a _____________ for people who _____________.

Through her _____________, _____________ and _____________, he’s / she’s here to help you / show you / remind you / teach you / inspire you / shake up your approach to _____________ — while making it all feel like _____________.

And when he’s / she’s not_____________-ing, you can find him / her indulging in _____________, _____________ and the occasional _____________.

Meet _____________ + get ready to _____________ at