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Write amazing newsletters in CLICKSANITY – now open for enrollment!


“I just wanted to let you know that I adore you and your newsletter is one of the few newsletters I race to open and read.” – Cassie Menodoza-Jones

“Seriously, it is like you scribble out biz crack sprinkled with skittles and I am over here happy to devour each delish morsel. So, really all I have to say is… thank you.” – Rocky Callen

“I’m a newbie to your world. Every newsletter thus far has been riveting. Hearty like soul food. You rock!”  – Bernard Charles

“Melissa: Because of your extraordinary weekly e-newsletter, I have been inspired to create a brand new character for the next season of ‘Game of Thrones’—Queen Melizma of the Extreme North. Only YOU can play the role, naturally. I am sending a private jet to fly you to the film set asap.” – George R. R. Martin

OK, that last one… I totally made up. 😉

But the other ones are 100 percent real. Just a few examples out the amazing pile of  “fan mail” I get every week that gives me a melty-heart feeling.

I love sending out my business newsletter (the one you’re reading right now!). Putting the material together, loading the text into my newsletter software, and clicking “Send” is seriously a highlight!

I take pride in making each email as inspiring and entertaining as possible. I listen to my readers (like you) to see what’s going on in your lives so I can send newsletters that are relevant and helpful.

Also—while I definitely try to avoid getting fixated on “stats” and “numbers”—I’m proud to report that my “open rate” (the percentage of subscribers who actually open my emails) hovers anywhere from 45-65%. The industry average for marketing and publicity-related newsletters is 9%. Which means my open rate is way above average. Knowing that feels pretty awesome. To know that my work is resonating and really helping people—I mean, that’s what running a business is all about.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want you to get that same kind of melty-heart feeling.

I want you to start getting grateful fan mail every time you send out one of your own newsletters.

I want you to really enjoy creating newsletter content for your readers instead of viewing it as an abysmal chore.

And of course, when you’re in the midst of a product launch or rolling out a new service, I want your newsletters to generate sales!

Which is why…

I (also) want you to consider signing up for my newest class:


What this is: An online class where you’ll learn how to create a newsletter that’s so fun, inspiring, and filled with personality, it sends your subscribers into a purchasing frenzy. (Click. Open. Omg!)

When it starts: You get the materials instantly when you register, and if you register by August 1st, you’ll get to join a bonus group Q&A chat with me where I’ll answer all your burning newsletter questions.

What’s inside: 14 lessons covering a whole bunch of different newsletter topics—like how to write juicy subject lines, how to “sell” without sounding bossy or desperate, how to write powerful stories from a place of genuine emotion, and more. Each lesson includes a slideshow-video (narrated by me) plus helpful links and writing prompts.

A better newsletter. Readers who love and appreciate your hard work. More engagement. More excitement. More responses. More sales. You can do it!

Register now for ClickSanity and rock your newsletter right away!

Any questions about ClickSanity? Fire away at:

Oh, and… thank you for being one of my super-amazing readers. I’m honored to have you as part of my business community. I love you more than Game of Thrones. OK, maybe not “more than.” Maybe equal. You understand.

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