OBSESSED is a one-year business training experience for people who feel frustrated by slow or inconsistent sales.

People who think to themselves, “I care so much about my clients and customers. I really want to help people and make their lives better. So why isn’t the money coming in? Why aren’t people paying attention to me? What am I missing??”

Inside OBSESSED, we’ll work together to figure out what’s “not clicking” so you can fix the situation. You’ll learn how to build an audience of clients and customers who devour your newsletters, blog posts, videos, podcasts, courses, and other forms of content… and most importantly, an audience that actually wants to BUY what you’re selling.

This is NOT one of those gigantic online classes with thousands of participants. I keep the group to a reasonable size, and I know every Obsessor on a first-name basis. You’ll get lots of attention and personalized feedback every single week. Nobody gets lost in the shuffle. 🙂

OBSESSED is currently SOLD OUT.

Enrollment re-opens November 2017. Jump on the waiting list below to get notified!