Too much of a good thing...

is delicious. :)

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  1. Destri |

    Oh man!  I already signed up last week! (kicks self)
    I saw you on the video, and that was one of the things that sold me. I love your branding and overall approach, and I thought if you gained even a smidgen of that from the program, than it would be worth it.

    As for price, I have to say I was nervous hitting the pay button, but right away it felt like relief – finally a commitment from myself with an investment. I've been super excited ever since.  The first bits of content released have proven it to be more than worth it.
    Are you going to be around the forums this year?

    • melissa |

      Hey Destri! Glad to hear you are signed up and YES I’ll be in the forums and also in a special little bonus spot within B-School too (more on that later) :-)

  2. Melissa! I'm so happy to hear you love Marie too! She's the best! Sadly, I've already signed up for B-School but am looking forward to chatting in the forum! 

  3. Hello! I’ve been thinking about B-School for some time now and early enrollment ends tomorrow. I saw you on the video and love your site/brand- YOU! So gosh, should I make the leap and do it???

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