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Details on my bonuses + my experience with B-School can be found below :-)

Oh, hey there!!

If you’ve stumbled on this post, you probably either 1.) Saw me in Marie’s B-School promotion video talking about what B-School did for my business or 2.) Googled reviews for RHH B-School and landed here.

Either way – welcome!

So, at this point I’m going to assume that you are on the fence about signing up for B-School and are nervously toiling around seeking answers from past graduates.

If you want to know more about my experience, read on. My biggest “tangible” result from B-School was making over $150k just from the advice/community there (as evidenced in my case study video with Marie). I also achieved my life long dream to move to California (all the way from Jersey) this year, and am able to run a multiple six figure business working only 20 hours per week. I also teach a bonus training in B-School called “Best Kept Secret to Superstar.” It’s awesome, I promise.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of Marie and the love + support of the B-School community.

Here are all the details of my experience:

My Review of B-School
I’m going to make this easy peasy to read for ya – here’s what I personally experienced with B-School:

  • First and foremost, if you don’t spend the time to be an active participant in B-School, then it’s not going to do much for you. I behaved like the annoying kid in the front row of class with my hand raised. I did all the lessons, all the homework, and became an active participant in the community. I’m convinced this is why it worked so well for me.
  • The content ROCKS, but I will say that it’s incredibly thought-provoking and really makes you dig deep.This is not one of those courses filled with fluffy content that you can get anywhere for free. There were certainly times when I felt like “giving up” because I was struggling. But like any good program, when you persist – you win.
  • The community ROCKS even more. What I really love about the community is that it’s very transparent. We are all there to help one another. You’ll have the best results being open + honest and really having a give, give, give mentality. The B-School community is filled with everyone from start-up entrepreneurs that need products + services to seasoned professionals like me who’ve been at it for years. So you can gain access to mentors like myself who have “been around the block” in our respective industries while also gaining access to a community of prospective clients/customers.
  • I hear lots of “hemming and hawing” about the price. My pricing thoughts are these: If you really want something, you will find a way to pay for it. Think about it – haven’t you put off paying to fix the dishwasher but managed to afford the $200 highlights and fresh new haircut? So it’s time to fess up with a little tough love. If you’re struggling with your business and looking for a way to gain access to more clients and the “real deal” info on how to get more clients, this is an amazing program to invest in. You can even put together a program goal – look at the number of sales you need to make to cover the expense of B-School and put together an immediate plan of action to recoup your investment.

Are you ready to rumble?
If you’re ready to jump in, I have a juicy little offer for ya. If you use my AFFILIATE LINK to sign up for B-School, you’ll get access to the following bonuses:

1. Two private, 1-hour Center of Attention phone sessions with me to help you turn your B-School knowledge into industry super-stardom using the power of publicity.

2. A free seat to my entire library of classes!

Rules Schmules

1. You MUST sign up through MY LINK to gain access to these bonuses. If you sign up through a different link, you won’t be eligible for these special bonuses. I will receive notification when you sign up and will be in touch as soon as B-School kicks off.

2. The Center of Attention sessions are only available after the 30-day refund period ends. As soon as you sign up, you can count the 30 days and then – whammo! – you’ll have access to these super-cool bonuses. Anonymous to A-List starts in June 2013.

Again, you must sign up through THIS LINK to access these special bonuses.

Best of luck with your decision and I hope to see you in B-School!

If you have any specific questions about B-School or this offer, please send them to with the subject line: B-School

Too much of a good thing...

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  1. Destri |

    Oh man!  I already signed up last week! (kicks self)
    I saw you on the video, and that was one of the things that sold me. I love your branding and overall approach, and I thought if you gained even a smidgen of that from the program, than it would be worth it.

    As for price, I have to say I was nervous hitting the pay button, but right away it felt like relief – finally a commitment from myself with an investment. I've been super excited ever since.  The first bits of content released have proven it to be more than worth it.
    Are you going to be around the forums this year?

    • melissa |

      Hey Destri! Glad to hear you are signed up and YES I’ll be in the forums and also in a special little bonus spot within B-School too (more on that later) :-)

  2. Melissa! I'm so happy to hear you love Marie too! She's the best! Sadly, I've already signed up for B-School but am looking forward to chatting in the forum! 

  3. Hello! I’ve been thinking about B-School for some time now and early enrollment ends tomorrow. I saw you on the video and love your site/brand- YOU! So gosh, should I make the leap and do it???

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