People always ask me:

“Melissa, how the *%$^$! do you run your business?”

These are my secret obsessions: my favorite tools and resources that I use to stay organized and run my biz.


Let’s say you just created a new class, workshop, ebook, etc. You desperately need a landing page so people can pay/sign-up but have zero knowledge of “techie” stuff. I feel ya. LeadPages is your one-stop solution for getting leads and sales for your biz and it’s crazy simple to use. Get started HERE.


Your web presence is EVERYTHING. Which means, you’ll need a sweet space to “host” your website. Something awesome + reliable for your visitors. That’s where Bluehost comes in! Check it out HERE.


Want an email newsletter that sends readers into a purchasing frenzy? Sign up with Mailchimp. You won’t be able to resist the little chimp high-fiving you after you send a newsletter. So adorbs.


If you want to sell digital products and services, SendOwl is a super-easy system for selling pretty much anything online. It’s crazy easy to set up (even if you’re not a techie) and totally customizable.

Instant Teleseminar

As part of my OBSESSED class, I host monthly Q&A calls. Instant Teleseminar makes this simple and seamless and it has a ton of cool features. It’s the best conference line I’ve found. Check it out!


Create gorgeous online courses like my newsletter class ClickSanity when you sign up for the Teachable platform.


Record quick audio notes that you can download and email or share on social media. Audio love notes for the win!


Create beautiful photos with text using this awesome photo-editing app. It’s like having a graphic designer in your pocket!

Haute Chocolate

Gorgeous stock photo images to use for blog posts, website, social media accounts, etc.

Check your spelling and grammar online. Super easy to use.


Book amazing work-cations for a fraction of the price of a hotel! This is my best secret for getting SO MUCH DONE.

. . .


Some of the links listed above are affiliate links – meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through my link (at no additional cost to you.) You pay the same amount for these tools whether you sign up through my link, or not. These are genuine recommendations of tools I use in my business and I hope you love them, too. <3