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On following advice

A well-intentioned mentor once told me, “Your content is too light and frivolous. You sound like a teenager. Nobody in the business community will take you seriously. Tone things down.” At first, I wondered, “Maybe she’s right about that…”...
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The sky isn’t falling.

Truth time… Recently a friend of mine asked how things are going with my screenwriting, and I updated her on all the cool things that are popping. She started squirming and hopping around with excitement. “Yay, Melissa, Omg, finally,...
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Get Off the Train

Business communities can sometimes be small and incestuous. Competitors watch one another closely. Everybody knows everybody and reads everybody’s newsletter and blog. When one industry leader has a profitable idea that catches fire, suddenly, everybody wants to get on...
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No Stopping Me

I’ve written a brand-new sexy, dramatic, totally twisted and disturbing TV pilot. Seriously, I am in love with this project. I want to marry it except I’m already married and also human-screenplay unions aren’t legal (yet!) in California. I’m...
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Testing is not optional.

I was watching an episode of The Profit (do you watch that show? OMG. Marcus Lemonis will change your liiiiiife.) So, if you don’t already know, The Profit is a show where Marcus—a no-nonsense investor—goes into floundering businesses, gives...
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Working Hard? Or Hardly Working?

I hear from a lot of business owners—and also screenwriters, actors, authors, and other creative types—who feel like they are WORKING SO FREAKING HARD to become successful and yet the rewards are not rolling in. The sales, the gigs,...
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