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Explore how storytelling can help you get seen and acquire more customers.

Are you telling binge-worthy brand stories?

Compelling brand storytelling, content strategy and social media strategy has the potential to connect you with more customers and growth opportunities, but most of the information out there is daunting, confusing and not customized to your business and needs.

Let me help!

As a Content Marketing Strategist and Professional Screenwriter, I fuse the storytelling techniques that I use daily to write film & television with what’s working NOW on social media and other platforms to take your content from boring to binge-worthy.

I provide Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy for national and international brands and businesses in various sectors (technology, healthcare, entertainment, media, etc.)

I currently offer virtual consulting and training for companies, agencies & communication teams.

If you want to create more engaging content, have a better understanding of what content is most effective for your business, and discover better ways to strategize and repurpose your content, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH

Some companies I’ve worked with: