Are you Dangerously Obsessed … with your Business Stats?

“I never read reviews about me.”
— Gwyneth Paltrow, Academy Award-winning actress + entrepreneur

“I never read reviews at all. I’m proud of the work I did.”
— Nicole Kidman, Academy Award-winning actress + film producer

 “I don’t read my own reviews and I haven’t for probably 15 years.”
— Kevin Bacon, recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“I never read reviews. I never have. I’ve never read message boards, either. I’m not interested in it inflating my ego, and I’m not interested in it improving my self-worth. So, I don’t read them.”
— Kate Levering, Tony Award-nominated actress + dancer

“I’m too busy to Google myself.”
— NFL quarterback Tim Tebow

What do all of these highly successful, talented, award-winning, totally amazing human beings have in common?

Well, gee, hmm, let’s see. 😉


They’re too busy actually DOING their work.

Specifically: work they feel PROUD of.

It’s a very healthy — not to mention, productive — attitude.

And it’s one that I’d LOVE to see more business owners taking to heart.

Because, honestly? I’ve noticed a dangerous obsession lately amongst business owners.

They spend every day in turmoil over their “business stats.”

How many newsletter subscribers.
How many blog comments.
How many Facebook likes.
How many Twitter followers.
How many website hits.

While it’s good to have a general sense of your audience growth + what’s resonating with your people, obsessing over these things, day in and day out, is a total waste of time — and will only drive you crrrrazy.

Being obsessed with ‘growing your fan base’ means you’re not spending enough time loving up the people you’ve got.


It will kill your creativity. Your productivity. And your mood.

Think about it.

You post something on Facebook. It gets lots of “likes.” You feel a temporary hit of satisfaction — a sugar-candy “high.” The next day, you post something else. No one likes it. Now you’ve crashed + burned. You’re dying for that next hit. And until you get it — you’ll stew in a depression. Waiting, hoping, strategizing for that next hit.

And throughout this process, who are you really serving? And what are you really creating? I’m guessing … NOT your biggest, juiciest, most helpful work.

From now on, let’s all roll like Gwyneth, Nicole, Kevin, Kate and T-Dawg, and put a STOP to the constant “scanning,” “tracking” and “checking.”

Make a few simple tweaks to remove the temptation. Like these:

:: Turn OFF notifications from your newsletter system. You don’t need a daily reminder of who is opting-in or opting-out. You can just take a peek when you log-in to the system once a week.

:: Turn OFF notifications about new blog comments. Blog comments aren’t an accurate representation of customer engagement. There are lots of reasons people do (and don’t) comment. I’m literally writing a book on it. 😉

:: Once a month (not once a DAY), check your website analytics and take a peek at your Top 10 most popular blog posts. This will illuminate what’s resonating with people, so you can consider serving up more of the good stuff they already like. (Do you have to keep replicating your ‘greatest hits’, indefinitely? Nope. It’s just an option.)

:: Once a month, you can also peek at your Top 10 landing pages to see where people are coming into your site, and what they’re doing! Is one particular landing page super-popular? Maybe you could add an additional “welcome!” treat for folks, there.

:: Look at social media as an overall picture, not a post-by-post critique. I love Gary Vaynerchuk’s book — Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook — where he talks about how to tell your story in a noisy social media world, without letting it suck up your whole life.

Most of all …

:: Get your priorities straight. As a business owner, you really only need to worry about TWO sets of stats:

1. How HELPFUL you are to the people you want to serve. (Hint: this will directly translate into earning MONEY).

2. How HAPPY you are about the quality of work that you’re doing. (Hint: this will ALSO directly translate into earning MONEY. And overall life satisfaction. And not having any regrets when you die. Oh yeah. I went there.)


It’s time to LET GO like an A-list celebrity.

What’s ONE thing you’re ready to STOP tracking so obsessively? (Number of Twitter followers? Facebook likes? Newsletter subscribers? Amazon reviews? The exact dollar amount your products are bringing in, every 24 hours?)

Feel the release.

And then go do your REAL work. 🙂