The Better Bio Challenge: Your 150-Word Story

The Better Bio Challenge: 150 word story #entrepreneurship #copywriting #onlinebusiness #marketingtips #melissacassera
This is IT.

We’ve worked on your 25-word intro and your 75-word byline.

Now, on week three of THE BETTER BIO CHALLENGE, it’s time for the grand finale:

Your 150-word story.

This is your Emmy / Oscar / Tony / Grammy moment.

A big, sweeping celebration of you + your business. Not everything you’ve ever done. But the best of what you’ve done.

With this final step of the challenge, we’re building on top of the work you’ve already done — not reinventing the wheel, just adding even more goodness, more credentials, more sizzle, more YOU.

Without further ado …

Here’s mine:

Melissa Cassera is an award-winning Publicity Expert for people who haaa-ate promoting their businesses.

Through her totally-addictive blog posts, free challenges + on-demand classes, she’s here to show you how to get more publicity + sales — while making every step feel like a total guilty pleasure.

Her delectable advice has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News as well as glossy magazines + web portals like Glamour Magazine, Redbook Magazine, AMEX Open and Forbes.

And when she’s not teaching small business owners how to create completely Obsessed audiences, you can find her penning scandalous screenplays and savoring salted-caramel everything.

Transform your business into the ultimate addiction — for your audience, for the media and for YOU — at

Your turn!

_____________ is a _____________ for people who _____________.

Through her _____________, _____________ and _____________, he’s / she’s here to help you / show you / remind you / teach you / inspire you / shake up your approach to _____________ — while making it all feel like _____________.

His / her advice / insights / opinions / tips / teachings / lessons / products / stories / artwork / designs / illustrations have been featured on_____________, _____________, _____________ and _____________.

(Or! If you haven’t been featured anywhere — yet! — try incorporating a few snappy testimonials: “Her adoring fans + customers have called her “_____________” and “_____________,” and one woman called her “THE _____________ to watch in 2014.”)

And when he’s / she’s not_____________-ing, you can find him / her indulging in _____________, _____________ and the occasional _____________.

Meet _____________ + get ready to _____________ at