Can you Deliver?

If you want to sell a screenplay — as I am rapidly learning — it’s not a matter of going to film school, taking a few writing courses, banging out a script or two, and kablammo. Cue the avalanche of Emmy Awards.

You need patience. You need discipline. You need to be charming, likable, and easy to work with. You need to forge authentic industry connections. You need to be willing to take big personal risks.

But when it’s all said and done — no matter how much you have “sacrificed” or how many hours of sweat, tears, and pumpkin-spice lattes you’ve poured into your craft — you will be evaluated on one thing, and one thing alone:

Can you deliver?

Can you deliver a screenplay that translates into a hit show with raging, obsessed fans who will do just about anything — plead, beg, ignite social media, picket in the streets — to ensure a second season?

Can you accept rejection & criticism without having a complete tabloid-worthy meltdown?

Can you make genuine connections with people in the industry without stuffing your screenplay down their throats in an entitled rage?

If you can’t deliver, you’re done. Pack your bags.

This is true across absolutely every industry.

If you want more sales, client bookings, etc. – your #1 focus should be delivering an outstanding experience.

Instead of worrying about the 2 people who unsubscribed from your email list this week…

… select 2 people who stayed in your community and write a big, heartfelt thank you note. Maybe even include a valuable gift or playful treat.

Instead of fawning over one sentence on your sales page…

… contact a few of your favorite customers for honest feedback. Sleuth out ways to improve your business.

Instead of obsessively waiting to see who likes or comments on your latest musing…

… host an “ask me anything” Q&A call. Take copious notes. Swirl their burning questions into future content.

Focus on serving.

Deliver the goods — consistently and enthusiastically.

Create a reputation as someone who truly cares about your tribe.

Focus on that and everything else will lock into place.

xo. Melissa