How I stay super productive

Recently, a student in my Obsessed class asked me:

“How do you get so much work done and still find time for your husband and pups and working out and, like, the rest of your life?”

Here are my productivity secrets…

: I schedule everything onto my calendar.

And I mean… everything. I block out time for all of my priorities—working with clients, writing screenplays, writing newsletters, yoga class, date night, solo time—everything goes onto my calendar.

I’ve learned that if something goes onto my calendar, it’s probably going to happen.

If it’s not on my calendar, it’s definitely NOT going to happen.

: I use the batching technique.

Batching means doing one type of task in one, long, uninterrupted burst. I’m totally obsessed with batching.

Here’s an example: if I’m batching newsletters, that means I’m going to block out 3-4 hours and just work on writing newsletters. No email. No phone. No social media. No Wifi, if I can help it. No popping over to a screenplay or peeking at some other project. Newsletters and newsletters only. Batching is such a simple, obvious concept—focus on thing at a time—but damn, it has changed my life for sure!

: I’m realistic with my time.

My to-do list is not ten miles long. I usually have 3-4 things that I want to accomplish each day—not 10-12. If those 3-4 things get done, and I have bonus time, awesome! Maybe I’ll work a little more. Or maybe I’ll call it a day and go do something fun.

: I’m all about simplicity in my business.

I try not to run a complicated business. I have 1 signature class called Obsessed. I have 1 mini-class called Clicksanity that people can sign up and take any time. My screenwriting projects ebb & flow, but I try not to take on too many projects at one time. I use social media sparingly—Instagram is pretty much the only platform I use these days.

My career is structured in a simple way, and that’s how I like it. I don’t want to teach 12 different classes and host 175 webinars and cram my calendar full of activities. That’s not my jam.

There’s a saying that goes: “Do less and do it well.” As much as possible, that’s how I try to approach my work.

: I’m all about simplicity in my life, too.

I love simple food, simple plans, simple choices, simple outfits, simple everything. Dinner is usually something tossed together at home, not a complicated recipe. Breakfast might be peanut butter smeared on… something. My idea of an “amazing afternoon” is taking a walk, snuggling with my dogs, or binge-watching my fave TV show of the moment. I love simple pleasures, and I try to keep my life uncomplicated and drama-free. (I get all the drama I need from Netflix!)

: My weekends are a work-free zone.

I really, really try not to work on the weekends. This doesn’t always happen. I’m not perfect. But as a general rule, I keep weekends for family-time with my husband and pups. I know that if I don’t take time to step away from my computer and recharge… then my productivity goes down the drain.

: I don’t compare myself to anyone else

Theodore Roosevelt said: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It’s also the thief of productivity.

We’ve all got different personalities, different businesses, different projects, and different talents. Comparison just sets us all up for despair and frustration!

Instead of looking at my peers and feeling frumpy, unproductive, and unworthy, I always keep my eyes on my own paper.

I focus on what I can do today, not what other people in my industry are doing.

It’s so much healthier—and way more fun—to stay in my own lane, do my own thing, celebrate my own victories, and not worry about anybody else.

Focusing on my own work—and tuning out everything else—is my ultimate productivity secret.

Also coffee. All the coffee.