I’m coming to NYC… and more gossip

I have some hot gossip to share with you. No, it’s not about the new, cryptic Game of Thrones teaser trailer. (Although I absolutely want to discuss that, too. OMG.)

Today, I’m writing to share some *hot gossip* about what’s happening with my business in 2019. I’m shaking things up, rolling out some new offers, and I can’t wait to get staaaarted!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up in the New Year…

: NYC workshop. January 20th, 2019. Join me for one day. Hunker down with your laptop. Map out an exciting business strategy for the year. Goal: make running your biz feel like a guilty pleasure. Only 3 spots left! Details and registration HERE.

: OBSESSED #Squad Mastermind. I have a few spots open in my small group mastermind that kicks off January 15th! The OBSESSED #Squad is all about leveling up. You’ve already got “the basics” handled when it comes to your biz—now it’s time to level up and reach for bigger goals and opportunities. If you’d like to raise your rates… if you’d like to roll out an ambitious new program… or if you want to take your writing/blogging/content creation from “pretty good” to “irresistibly enticing and binge-readable,” this is the place for you.You can check out details and apply HERE.

: VIP Days. I’ll be offering a couple of these throughout 2019 in NYC and LA. You and me—1-on-1—together for one action-packed day! We can brainstorm a year’s worth of content ideas, jazz up your marketing plan, craft “want to hire me?” emails that you can send to potential clients, create pitches to introduce you to media outlets—or whatever you want to work on. Most. Productive. Day. Ever. I have one NYC date open in January—if you want details, check it out HERE.

That’s a peek at my 2019. OK, your turn! What’s on the docket for you in 2019? What’s the hot gossip from your life and biz? Pretend you’re a celebrity publicist and share a “sneak peek” at your plans for the New Year with your own audience!

Here’s a teaser to get you going:

“On the docket for me in 2019? More ___________. Less ___________. And a whole lot of ___________.”