Ugh, why do they have it all?

Ever wonder why certain people seem to have it all?

They are showered with praise and recognition. They sell out launches and nab book deals. Their face is splashed on the cover of glossy magazines. They even have the Oprah “stamp of approval.”

Most of the time, we try to process the success of others by trying to reason how they got there. This reasoning – in our minds – usually boils down to them just being “lucky.”

“Oh, they are second cousins with Gwyneth Paltrow and THAT’S how they got into Goop.”

“Well, they are just best friends with someone who’s dating a super-famous online guru and that’s how they made all of those sales.” 

“Ugh, lucky them – they shared a dorm room with so-and-so and now they are a part of their A-list posse for life.”

In a very small number of cases, these lucky connections might be the reason.

But, if you don’t have a heaping dose of good luck or tons of A-List connections, are you doomed to live a life of oblivion?

You don’t need splashy connections or crazy amounts of luck to get what you want.

In fact, you have the ability to score recognition and visibility with a simple mindset shift.

Waiting for customers to come to you…or waiting for the media to call you for a story…or waiting for a big publisher to knock at your door with a book deal…is basically like an actor waiting to be “discovered.”


So, how do you get noticed? Follow these 3 simple actions (no luck or lucky connections required).

// Ask for It

Wonder how your competitor just scored that big magazine feature? The answer is pretty simple…they asked for it. People that get media coverage, go after media coverage. They create trendy story ideas and pitch them to appropriate media outlets. They mix and mingle with freelance journalists and popular bloggers. They regularly put themselves out there as experts worth knowing and worth listening to.

// Stop Comparing

“Stop comparing your behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” Boom. No more words necessary.

// Push your Boundaries

Waiting around to get noticed isn’t special. It isn’t extraordinary. In fact, waiting around is so ordinary that I’m pretty darn sure no one will notice you while you’re twiddling your thumbs.

Success never comes when you stay in your comfort zone. The people that get noticed are those with the spirit and gusto to do it.

I’m willing to bet my morning latte you’re one of those bold and brave people.