Be more compelling

It’s no secret… I’m a huge fan of romance novels. The more ridiculous, the better.

We all have our guilty pleasures. And if romance novels happen to be one of yours… guess what? You’re in luck.

Because reading sensual, highly-descriptive, emotionally-charged language can expand your vocab and make you a better writer… helping you write sales pages/emails, newsletters and social media content that turrrrrn people on.

Even if your particular industry is totally un-sexy.

In fact, especially then.

No matter what industry you’re in, here are my tips on how to bring the “feeling” of romance into your business writing:

: Build Slow and Steady

The best romance novels build tension for a looooooong time before the main characters, ahem, seal the deal. All of that waiting is agonizing—but hurts so good. 😉

If you’re getting ready to announce a new offer, tease your audience along for a bit. Drop hints. Share behind-the-scenes photos. Invite people to “circle the date”—but nothing more, for now!

Spoon out little doses of excitement before reaching the climax. By the time you’re ready for the big reveal, your audience will be screaming for more! 😉

: Create “Sensual” Descriptions

You might not be selling “sex”—most of us aren’t!—but you can still craft sensual, evocative, emotional descriptions of your work, no matter what industry you’re in.

Which service description sounds yummier to you?

This one?

I offer financial planning services, and I specialize in serving married couples and domestic partners. Know your rights, know your options, and avoid unnecessary conflict, or even divorce.

Or this one?

The #1 topic that most couples fight about? Money.

Let’s change that, shall we?

I’m a financial planner for people who want to stay in love—not stay in debt.

Let’s clean up your financial world, save you some cash and create a plan for the future. Come just as you are. My office is a chocolate-filled, judgement-free zone.

Strive to create an emotional reaction—not just a “logical” one—and your offer will become ten times more compelling.

: Swap “Boring” Words for Turned-On Terms

Certain words are woefully overused in the business world.

Words like …


Annnnd more.

How about some new verbiage, already?

Some of my faves …


Keep a thesaurus handy, and build a running list of words that turn you on.

Try to sprinkle just a few into your emails, sales pages, promotions, and content—and see how many you can use in a single day, or week.

Make it a game!