Month in Review (March 2020)

Before I begin, I just want to shout out my amazing designer Shelley for drawing this awesome illustration for me! 

Today marks 20 days of social distancing for me.

I started before we got the official order for Los Angeles county, but that’s because – as an introvert – social distancing is kinda my thing anyway. 😜

That’s also because March ended up being one of my busiest months yet. I’m in the middle of a complicated screenwriting project, and my writing contract doesn’t pause for the pandemic (which I’m grateful for!)

I also did a number of emergency VIP days for clients who needed to re-tool their launches, re-configure their funnels, and re-style their business offers to fit the current situation.

I also whipped together a batching class as a gift to my community and it was so much fun!

And I did all of this squashed in a corner of our storage room, where my sweet husband built me a studio. 🤣

Okay, let’s get to my month in review.

What’s a month in review?

This is a reflection exercise I do every month to:

: Evaluate my monthly goals (what worked, what didn’t, etc.)

: Dig into what I’ve learned.

: Discover what I want to create more space for in my business (and life.)

: Celebrate!

I’m sharing this to a) be transparent and b) in case this inside scoop + reflection might be helpful to you.

Away we go!

March 2020 Month in Review

My March Goals:

Honestly, my March goals flew out of the window… but I am proud of what I accomplished and that I was able to prioritize and show up for my clients and students who needed me. Here’s what I did:

: Released SO OBSESSED podcast – Season 2! Alex and I recorded this just before the pandemic and the timing couldn’t be better. We’re so happy to spread a little fun & silliness during this chaotic time.

: Taught the I Heart Batching class on Zoom. So many people reached out last month asking how they can be focused and productive during this time, so I whipped together this class as a gift. You can watch it HERE.

: Finished draft of a script. I’ve been working on a tough screenwriting project and finally was able to execute a draft that everyone is pretty happy with! Yay! This project continues to be a great lesson for me. A challenge in perseverance and resilience, and forcing me to really examine what I want my career and life to look like in the future. I’m realizing that spending 10-12 hour days hunched over my laptop writing a script maybe isn’t what I want. Or maybe it is. I’m not sure. But I’m taking a lot of time to reflect and think about how I want to use my creativity moving forward.

: Showed up for my clients and students. As you may know, I don’t have many opportunities to work 1:1 together, simply because my writing schedule doesn’t always allow for it. I love working 1:1 with people, and do it as often as I can. I was sold-out of all my private slots, but when the pandemic hit, I was flooded with people needing rush jobs on their messaging, launches, offers, etc. I played tetris with my schedule and was able to carve out more time for VIP Days last month and for April. I also made sure to show up more for my existing students and community. Checking in more and creating content that I know would help vs. sending what I’d planned.

: Pushed off some goals. My novel, for one. And a content mastermind that I’m so freaking excited about hosting. I still made time for these things, but not as much as I’d planned.

What did I learn last month?

: Perspective. I was working 15 hour days, almost 7 days a week. Which is nothing compared to medical teams and other workers on the front lines risking their lives right now.

: Showing up. Not just for clients, but finding ways to support and keep the economy going. Things like paying for a cancelled service anyway (like my hair stylist), ordering takeout from local restaurants, donating to important causes. Obviously I recognize that I’m in a very fortunate position to do this.

: Making more space. As I looked at my calendar for April and started layering in what I wanted to accomplish, I realized I was loading way too many things on my plate. Instead, I started batching my time for self-care first. Long walks, cooking a healthy meal, snuggling pups, even binge-watching Tiger King. Prioritizing my mental and physical health first, then layering in the rest.

What do I want to create space for in April?

: Taking full advantage of my new storage room studio space and husband with photo/video skills to start my Youtube channel! I’m batch-recording six episodes this month all with helpful tips to build an obsessed audience for your business—leading to more sign-ups, sales and fan mail.

: Teaching a totally affordable and totally effective mini-workshop on restyling your business offers during this time—including ideas to make your offers pop, an easy template to share your offer, and fun promotion ideas! Stay tuned for details.


This month I’m celebrating:

: Showing up and serving

: Moving my body every day, even if I spend most of it in a chair

: Trying to see the opportunity in this time for reflection, focus & productivity

: Virtual happy hours with friends

: Snuggle time with my husband and my pups

I hope you’re staying safe & healthy wherever you are in the world! 💜