Does going after press give you major anxiety? 😖

You’re dying to get featured in that magazine. Or on that podcast you always listen to. Or to land a TV interview, talking shop with your favorite news anchor.

And you know the only way to get those opportunities is to ask for them.


What if you say the wrong thing?

What if your pitch is too pitch-y? Or not pitch-y enough?

What if they put you on some kind of international media blacklist (that exists, right?) and you never get featured anywhere, ever again?

There’s nothing worse than feeling terrified to “ask” for something you want.

Especially when hitting “send” could mean securing a major opportunity. One that you totally deserve.

A little insider tip?

It’s not as hard as you think. And reaching out to the press can feel just as relaxed as chatting with a friend over wine & cheese.

Breathe a sigh of relief… and check out my 30-Day PR Mastermind – Make Headlines.

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This mastermind is for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, creatives, authors, and other awesome people who want to get featured in glossy magazines, TV morning shows, must-read sites, and top podcasts… while making every step feel like a total guilty pleasure.

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