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Feeling Alone?

Do you ever feel like you’re a lone unicorn in a field full of reindeer?

Do you study other entrepreneurs and then think to yourself, “Yeah, uh… no. That’s just not my style.”

Yup. Me too.

As a publicity/business strategist & screenwriter, I don’t have a conventional résumé, or a “neat and tidy” job title. And I definitely don’t run my business in a typical way.

Recently, my clients, students, and readers seem to be feeling the same. They often tell me:

“I soak up all kinds of business advice, and it sounds like good advice, but none of it feels right for ME.”

To all of you mold-breakers and lone unicorns, I want to say…

You can have ANY type of business that you want.

Your business and marketing don’t have to fit into the traditional structure.

You don’t have to sell courses and group programs if you don’t want to.

You don’t have to purchase Facebook ads if you don’t want to.

You don’t have to promote yourself on social media if you don’t want to.

You don’t have to do webinars, or masterclasses, or write for “SEO purposes” if you don’t want to.

You don’t have to do anything that feels “wrong” to you. There isn’t just “one way” to build a successful business. There are millions of variations—and you can play, revise, and tweak until you find a model that works for you.

I’m a lone unicorn—and proud of it!

If you’re one too – own it, claim it, and proudly chart your own course.

Stay focused on what YOU want to be doing with your business & life, and don’t get overly obsessed with what your peers or competitors are doing with theirs. Keep your eyes on your own paper, scribbling in your own colors.

I’ll be right there with you.

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Have you noticed the “sorry” epidemic that’s sweeping across the Internet and the small business community lately?

My students, my colleagues, everyone seems to be experiencing it—even me. (I’m not immune!) It’s getting “behind” on something and then profusely apologizing about being behind, then feeling guilty, then apologizing more, then still not moving forward. Example: Let’s...
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Annual Poll

About once a year, I like to “poll” the lovely peeps in my business community (that’s you!) to collect some info on what you’re working on, what you need help with, what inspires you, and what you’re interested in...
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The ultimate prize

I recently re-discovered a brief, powerful clip from Inside the Actors Studio and I’ve watched it, oh, about 1,000 times. In the clip, a young, struggling actor asks Kevin Spacey – a world-famous actor who has earned multiple Academy...
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Earmuff it

I’ve spent the past several months in Los Angeles, pitching TV show concepts and shopping my screenplays around to various networks. I’ve met a ton of Hollywood peeps. It seems like – at every corner –  someone is eager...
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Where you are

“Get flat, toned, rock hard abs in just 5 minutes a day!” “Break through to 7 figures, a-freaking-sap!” “Sell your screenplay in 2 weeks!” Is it just me, or does it feel like the entire world is obsessed with...
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