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3 Ways to Spice Up your Email Signature

Waving hello from sunny San Diego – where I’m speaking at the Social Media Marketing World conference about using screenwriting techniques to tell binge-worthy business stories (my favorite thing to talk about!)

This week, I combed through my archives to find one of the most helpful pieces I’ve written (I was even interviewed for Fast Company magazine because of it!)

It’s a super simple thing you can spice up right now… your email signature!

The average person sends and receives about 50 – 100 emails daily — which means you’ve got about 100 opportunities to woo + delight potential fans, customers and allies. Every. Single. Day.

And it all starts with an email closer that drrrrraws people in + leaves them begging for more.

Here’s how it’s done:

STEP 1. Spice up your sign-off.

Most people finish off their emails with “safe” and “boring” phrases, like:

All my best (all of it? really?)

Warm regards (brrr … it’s chilly in here)

Take care (of what?!)

These closing remarks are perfectly acceptable — and totally forgettable.

Instead, try a sign-off that shows off your personality + reveals a little bit more about your business philosophy.

Something like:

Speak out + shine on …

Peace, love + gluten-free pancakes …

‘Til we tweet again …

Exuberantly yours,

Write on + rock on,

Tally ho!

Or something even snazzier. 🙂

STEP 2. Tell them the BEST way to reach you.

A big list of every single email address, phone number, fax number, mailing address and social media coordinate… is totally overwhelming.

Keep it simple, and tell people the BEST place to find you.

For example, if Facebook is your #1 playground, you might do something like:

Jane Doe
Founder of XYZ Industries
Facebook is the quickest way to my heart:

No confusion. Short + sweet!

STEP 3. Include a “teaser.”

Again: you’re probably going to write and respond to 100 emails today.

The bottom of your email signature is like a giant (and free!) online billboard, perfect for marketing whatever you want, 100 times over.

Add a snappy one- or two-line invitation to the very bottom of your email signature — think of it as a “teaser” for a blockbuster film.

My current teaser:

You & me, 1-on-1, together for an action-packed day of business strategy? Yes, please. Check out all the details on VIP days HERE.

Lights, inbox, action!

Time to craft your own brand-new signature. Then celebrate your sizzling sign-off with a coffee the size of your head and a marathon of YOU on Netflix. Or, you know, do whatever feels pleasurable – to you. 🙂

To scintillating emails!

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