3 emails that will change your business & your life.

If you prepare a chocolate soufflé 150 times, you will become really good at making soufflés – even though they are notoriously tricky to make.

If you attend a Crossfit class 150 times, you will become really good at doing Crossfit – and your body will show the results.

If you speak onstage 150 times, you will become really good at speaking in front of an audience – you’ll be graceful, steady, in control, and your stories will have more power.

No matter what “task” or “goal” or “wish” you have, if you do anything 150 times…

a) You are going to improve
b) You are going to gain confidence
c) You are going to see results


This is absolutely true for your business, income, number of product sales and client bookings, too. And that is why…

I want you to send out 3 emails every week for 50 weeks, for a grand total of 150 emails.

Not just any ol’ emails, though.

I want you to send out 150 emails where you specifically ask people check out your work, buy your products, meet up with you, connect/collaborate, and/or HIRE you. (Eep! Fear-tingles!)

I am calling this…

The 150 Email Connection Project.

Want to do it? Seriously, you should. You’ve got nothing to lose and 150 income-generating opportunities to gain. I promise you: if you do this, your business will not be the same.

3 emails that will change your business & your life

Here’s how it works:


Send out 3 emails per week – to 3 different people – for 50 weeks in a row.

(Basically, one year.)

What types of emails? Allow me to lay it out…


EMAIL #1 –

A “THANK YOU” EMAIL (level: easy)

Send a personal “thank you” email to 1 person in your life/community/business audience who feels like a “super fan.” Someone who always comments on your blog, enthusiastically follows you on social media, always replies to your newsletter, cheers for you, frequently links to your work, or supports you in any way.

Tell this special person how much you appreciate their presence and participation in your business. Offer them a free gift or resource, if applicable. Make them feel like a VIP super fan. Strengthen your bond. Show the love!

EMAIL #2 –

A “FRIENDS & ALLIES” EMAIL (level: slightly less easy)

Choose 1 friend, Internet pal, coworker, colleague, or family member who doesn’t know that much about your current work/business – or who you haven’t connected with in a while.

Get back in touch. Share what type of work you’re doing these days. Share a few of your current projects. Ask what they’re up to as well.

Gently encourage this person to keep you in mind for future needs/projects/etc. and ask them to pass your name & info along to other potential clients/customers as well.

Offer them a free gift or resource, if applicable. Invite them to meet up with you in person for a dinner or coffee date, if that’s something you’d like to do. Nurture and strengthen your relationship!

EMAIL #3 –

A “MAY I BE OF SERVICE?” EMAIL (level: kinda scary)

Select 1 person who feels like a “dream client” or “dream customer” for you.

Send that person an email to say “hello” and specifically invite them to hire you/work with you/check out your offerings/buy your stuff.

But THIS is super-important: you’ve got to craft your “hire me – invitation” so that you are thoughtfully responding to something that this person has already publicly posted, stated, shared or requested. (In other words: this isn’t an impersonal “cold call”-style email. You are warmly responding to something that this person has already shared.)

Example: “I noticed on your blog that you’ve recently gotten obsessed with _____. Seeing that made me so happy, because that’s my obsession (and profession!). If you ever need some support, I’d be so happy to _____ with you. Here’s a little more info about what I do…”

Example: “I noticed on Facebook that you’re looking for a _____ who can help you _____. I’d love to throw my hat into the ring! Here’s my info/resume/portfolio/program description/etc…”

Example: “I’ve been following your blog for years and it’s obvious that you’re super passionate about _____. If you ever wanted to try _____, I’d love to be your _____!”


Your mission is to send out the following 3 emails:

– 1 “THANK YOU” EMAIL to a super fan in your community (easy)

– 1 “FRIENDS & ALLIES” EMAIL to a friend, family member, colleague, or someone that you’d like to reconnect with and share info about your work (slightly less easy)

– 1 “MAY I BE OF SERVICE EMAIL?” to someone that you’d love to work with/have as one of your clients/customers (kinda scary)

Send all 3 emails. Then repeat! 3 more emails to 3 new email recipients – every week for the next 50 weeks. 3 emails x 50 weeks = 150 emails.

I promise you, if you do this – if you send out 150 emails over the upcoming year – amazing things will happen for you.

When you courageously put yourself “out there” and connect with actual, real, living people, your business will transform. When you do something – anything! – 150 times, you will see progress, you will gain confidence, and you will see results.

Here’s to a big year of amazing connections, unexpected opportunities, consistent client bookings, brave requests that end with a “YES!” and fans who discover your work and feel totally OBSESSED!