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How to get the most out of B-School with Marie Forleo

If you’re peeking at this article, chances are that you’ve just signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School (yay!) … or you’re thinking about signing up soon (also yay!)

I took B-School a decade ago, and it dramatically changed the way I do business. (Not to mention: what my business does for ME.)

Whenever you sign up for an educational experience—whether it’s a university course taught by a tweed-jacketed professor, or a burlesque 101 class taught by a fiery vixen—it’s always good to get the down low from somebody who’s done it, before.

I’d love to personally chat with evvvvverybody who’s stepping into B-School this year. But that wouldn’t leave much time for walking my 3 doggies, and they’d all start throwing me a whole lot of puppy-scowls. 🙁

So, here’s the next best thing:

A tip sheet to help you get the most out of B-School.

Without further ado …

Tip #1. Bond with your Business Besties.

B-School is BIG. There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of new B-Schoolers this year—and there’s no way you can possibly become BFFs with everybody!

Pay attention to who’s attracting you, and start building a rapport with just a handful of B-Schoolers. Think of them as your “lunch table buddies,” like in high school. These Business Besties will become your allies, accountability partners + collaborators, for life.

Tip #2. Create space in your life to actually IMPLEMENT.

There’s no point in joining a gym if you can’t carve out a few hours a week to actually GO and get sweaty. And it’d be a shame for you to sign-up for B-School… and then leave no time on your calendar to actually implement what you’ve learned.

Carve time for every lesson. Make time to attend at least one “office hour” with Marie, or block time to watch the recording if you can’t make it to the live ones. Make a beautiful space for yourself to work in—light candles, buy a journal to scribble thoughts, make a playlist while you’re diving into the lessons.

Set aside at least a few hours each week to stay on your game. It’ll be time very well spent.

Tip #3. Introduce yourself with confidence.

Craft a clear, enticing “personal introduction” for yourself so that you can start connecting with your fellow B-Schoolers, right off the bat.

It’s okay if you don’t “know” exactly which direction your business is headed—you just have to sound excited & confident about where you’re at, right now.

Don’t know how to introduce yourself? Feeling tongue-tied and overwhelmed? Use my 25-word intro template. You’ll be good to go!

Tip #4. Don’t compare yourself to other B-Schoolers.

Remember: inside the B-School community are people who’ve been running their businesses since before the Internet even existed… passionate newbies … and everyone in between.

Everyone brings value to the table—including YOU. Don’t worry about other folk’s progress and keep your eyes on your own paper. Constant comparison is a recipe for dismay… and disaster.

Tip #5. Be grateful for what you’ve got + where you’re at.

If you’re signing up for B-School, chances are, your business isn’t quite where you’d like it to be. You might be relying on a “day job” (or several jobs, or loans, or a biz you don’t love) to bankroll your future success.

And you might be feeling frustrated that you have to rely on that funding source. You might even be feeling resentful… or straight-up angry.

It’s easy to hate on what brings in the dough, but all that hatin’ is a major energy-drain.

Instead, write a little love note to your funding source:

Dear [thing that I hate doing but makes me money right now]:

Sometimes I lie in bed wishing you would go away. Many times I curse at you and list all the reasons why you suck.

Today, I’m trying something new.

Thank you for:

:: Letting me take B-School—one of the most badass business courses EVAH!

:: Helping me provide for myself and my family.

:: Helping me afford my favorite not-so guilty pleasures like ____ and ____.

:: For always being there for me, even though I treat you like a jerkface sometimes.

You’re not so bad. In fact, you’re pretty rad.

But I STILL can’t WAIT until I don’t need you … at all. 😉

Love, You

And there you go!

My 5 top tips to help you get the most out of B-School.

Already in? Have the BEST time.

Need to sign up? The deadline is fast approaching (February 28th). Use MY REGISTRATION LINK when you enroll and you’ll access my B-School x OBSESSED Bonus Experience including:

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Enrollment for B-School closes on February 28th.

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Happy B-Schoolin’!

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