I can teach you how to build a business audience that is 100% OBSESSED with you.

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I can teach you how to build a business audience that is 100% OBSESSED with you.

Let’s do this.

Are you forcing PDA?

Are you a Silent Obsessor?

I am.

I have a few artists, writers, and business owners who I follow. I am obsessed with their work – oh, and I purchase their products or services regularly. I am a paying supporter/customer/fan. I gush about their work to friends over coffee, too.

But I rarely “comment” publicly on their blogs or social media feeds.


Meh. Dunno. Commenting just isn’t my thing. I prefer to obsess online… quietly and privately.

A huge part of my audience operates the same way, because whenever I send out a newsletter (like this one)… I usually wind up getting a ton of personal emails in response. Most folks prefer to connect with me intimately and privately, not through public channels. You are Silent Obsessors. And I get it! I roll the same way.

I have tons of Silent Obsessors in my business audience. One way I honor this is by not forcing a particular type of engagement that many members of my community just don’t wanna do.

It’s crucial to constantly “tune in” to your ideal clients and create experiences that work for them.

How about you?

What types of experiences do your ideal clients/customers respond to?

Are they chatty and extroverted? Quiet and introverted? Do they go wild for online courses? Or prefer offline experiences? Are they Silent Obsessors who would prefer to send you a private email – or just purchase your work – without necessarily commenting/talking about it publicly online? (Some customers just aren’t into PDA – and that’s OK!)

Study how your favorite clients and customers roll – their likes, dislikes, preferences, and communication habits.

Tune in to your people so that you can create experiences that thrill them.

Don’t try to force some type of engagement that they simply are not interested in doing.

Remember, too, that the number of comments, likes, hearts, or social media followers that you have is NOT directly representative of how successful you are – or could be.

You can have tens of thousands of social media followers but zero people who are actually willing to become a paying customer. Or you could have a mailing list with “just” 50 people – all of whom are obsessed with you and who buy everything you’re selling the moment it’s available.

Pull your focus away from “the numbers” and focus on serving your people, in the way that they want to be served.

That’s the only metric of success that you need.


My friend & mentor Marie Forleo has an awesome video on her “keys to business success” that includes plenty of advice on showing up, sharing and serving in a way that’s meaningful. You can check it out by entering your name & email at this LINK

Full disclosure—I teach the publicity bonus lesson within Marie’s B-School program and I’m also a proud affiliate, which means if you sign up for B-School through me when enrollment is open, I’ll get some commission. B-School is the only program I’ve ever been an affiliate for because I truly believe in it, and I will sing its praises whether you enroll through me or not. 🙂
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