How To Get Your Customers To Write AMAZING Reviews (Without Begging, Pleading Or Being Pushy + Creepy)

You know you’re doing good work. Great work, in fact.

Your customers are always telling you how thrilled they are with your schtuff — usually in a quick conversation over the phone, a high-five tweet, or even a throwaway line in an email.

But even with all that validation pouring your way, the official PRAISE section of your website is looking a little … skimpy.

So, what’s the solution? Fire off an email to your top 10 favorite clients, and say, “Can you write me a testimonial, pweeeease?”

I’d say: probably not.

Asking someone to write you a testimonial instantly makes them … nervous.

Here’s what’s running through your client’s head, even if they don’t realize it:

What should I say? How should I say it? Which part of your work, specifically, should I talk about? What if I sound dumb? I’m not sure how much I want to reveal, about my own story … Ugh. This is hard. Ooh, look — new season of Mad Men, now available on Netflix!

And in the midst of all this anxiety, they’ll put it off … and put it off … until both of you have forgotten you ever asked for a simple little testimonial, in the first place.

So don’t ask for a “testimonial.” Ask for something … else. Something that doesn’t knot your client into a yarn-ball of stress.

Here’s what you CAN do, instead:

Step 1. Ask for feedback

Instead of asking for a testimonial, send over a few questions that your client can respond to without having to think too hard.

Here’s the note that I use for people who work with me, privately:

Thank you for a sizzling session! I hope you’re feeling inspired + motivated to put these strategies into motion. I’d love to hear how everything worked out for you.

Please answer these 3 quickie questions about your experience and send ‘em back whenever you’re ready.

1. What inspired you to book a session with me?

2. What was the single most EXCITING moment of your experience?

3. What kinds of opportunities do you see for yourself over the next 6 months? How about the next 2 years?

Step 2. Got your feedback? Remix their words into a testimonial.

Take the “highlights” from your client’s feedback and twirl them into a shorter, tighter testimonial. One with a narrative arc — a beginning, a middle and an end — to demonstrate the Before + After effect of your work. (“First, I was like this … then THIS happened … and now, my life is like THIS!”)

Then, blast back a quick THANK YOU note — and ask for their permission to post the testimonial you’ve edited together:

Something like this:

Wanted to send you a great big THANK YOU for your amazing words. Would it be OK if I edited your feedback into a testimonial and posted it on my site along with your name, website link, and your headshot?

Check out my remixed feedback below and feel free to tweak what I wrote.

And if you’re down with me using this, send along your headshot so everyone can see your gorgeous mug next to your delightful words! 🙂

{remixed testimonial goes here}

Two steps — asking for feedback + remixing — and that’s it!

If you really want to juice it up, follow-up with a handwritten thank you note, or offer an enticing “reward” in exchange for a few minutes of their time, completing those feedback questions. (Like a $10 Starbucks gift card to feed their latte addiction. Or a cupcake. I’d do just about anything for a cupcake.)