Think you need a super-polished sales pitch to woo customers + open doors? Uh, nope. Try this instead.

Say you’ve got a TV show that you’re OBSESSED with. It’s so freaking good, you want all of your friends to watch it so you can all talk about it at your next dinner party. Say … SCANDAL. You call up your BFF. She’s never seen it. But she’s gotta. How are you going to “pitch” the show to her? Like this?

SCANDAL is an American political thriller television series starring Kerry Washington. Now in its third season, with 7 – 22 episodes per season, it invites viewers to consider themes of adultery, bribery, loyalty, friendship and honor. Each episode will leave you pondering the big questions of life. Download episodes from iTunes starting at just $1.99.

Hear that? It’s the sound of your friend hanging up the phone, wondering what kind of creepy robot-droid-alien has snatched her best friend’s body. Of course, you’d NEVER describe the show like THAT. Instead, you’d probably say something like:

SCANDAL is the best freaking show on television. It’s got millions of crazed fans, like me, and here are three reasons why: 1. Drama, drama, drama. Every episode ends with a cliffhanger that will make your heart stop! 2. Olivia Pope’s killer outfits — and fierce one-liners. (Like: “It’s HANDLED!”) 3. Eye candy to the max — every single character is dripping with sex appeal + power. You won’t be able to decide who’s the hottest. Ever. So, you gonna come watch it with me, or what?

It’s the same with your products + services. Nobody cares about the boring logistics or historical timeline of your new offer, no matter HOW awesome it is. People want the juicy, evocative details. So give ‘em those, first. And THEN fill in the logistics, as needed.