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Is it all in your head?

Most of the entrepreneurs that I know are: Really smart. Really creative. Really prone to over-thinking, over-analyzing, fretting, ruminating, and worrying. Maybe it’s because so many of us work alone at home, wearing stained yoga pants, in a state...
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Entrepreneur Rollercoaster

When you’re self-employed, life can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. You experience the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, the blah-est of blahs, and everything in between. In a typical month in my life, I’ll go from feeling...
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But what if nobody buys it?

It’s the question that terrorizes entrepreneurs more than anything else. The question that pounds through your mind during yoga class when you’re supposed to be thinking about stars, raindrops, and peaceful pink clouds of nothingness. The question that keeps...
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How to write without overthinking

Recently, I got an email from a longtime reader who told me that she struggles with “perfectionism” and “overthinking” whenever she’s writing. Every time she attempts to finish a piece of writing, her brain swirls with something like this:...
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Keep it weird.

Do you ever feel like you’re a lone unicorn in a field full of reindeer? Do you study other entrepreneurs—people running massive e-courses with thousands of students, people with complicated “email opt in marketing funnels” and “passive income streams”—and...
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How to talk about what you do

For many business owners, the #1 trickiest and most terrifying question in the entire world is: “So, what do you do?” Cue: bone-rattling chills and screams and horror. Either you say something that sounds “creative” but makes zero sense:...
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