Brushstrokes, hot topics, workcations, and free writing templates: The “BEST OF” my work from 2015. (In case you missed anything!)

We’ve got a few weeks to go until the end of 2015.

Can you belieeeeve it?

I can. Barely-sorta.

2015 was a big year for me. Not “big” in a flashy, glittery, cover-of-Vogue kind of way. But definitely “big” in terms of my creativity, my evolution as a writer/artist/entertainer, and my geographic location (kind of obsessed with my new Los Angeles home!)

This was the year that I decided to pursue screenwriting for REAL, not just as a creative hobby or side-passion. This meant diving into the unknown and putting myself “out there” in a major way.

So… I moved my whole family to LA. I worked all my connections, cranked up the charm, and set up meetings with Hollywood decision-makers. I pitched my TV show ideas in person. I watched people nod, ask questions, and cover my screenplays with red pen-mark edits. I heard a lot of no’s. I also got a few yes’s… (I can’t reveal any official details for confidentiality reasons – Hollywood is the land of secrety-secrets!)

In addition to pouring lots of energy into my screenwriting career, I churned out lots of content for you to enjoy. I also created, trademarked, and taught my OBSESSED training program, filled with students from all types of professions and industries and just finished up a mind-blowing launch for the 2016 class filled with even more ridiculously awesome students. #ObsessorsForever

Sweet Cookie Almighty – looking back, upon reflection, this year was huge! I juggled quite a few major projects, but honestly, most of my work felt like a total guilty pleasure.

I certainly would NOT have said that about my work ten (or even five) years ago, but with each passing year, I am continually learning that the more fun and pleasure I inject into my work, the more money I make, and the smoother everything feels.

I still have things that I want to refine and tweak for 2016, but overall, I would give 2015 a solid A+.

To recap 2015 and tie things up with a sparkly bow, allow me to present…

The “BEST OF” my work from 2015. (In case you missed anything!)

: I Heart Batching. I loved creating this free workbook, and so many of you guys told me that it really helped out with writers’ block, time management, and productivity. Batching will change your world! Get the book here.

: The Better Bio Challenge. Three lessons & templates to help you write a better bio (or ABOUT page) for your website. Yassssss. Here’s Lesson 1, Lesson 2, and Lesson 3. Plus, here’s a bonus lesson and downloadable template that lots of you guys loooved. And OMG as if that is not enough… here is one more way to write a fantastic ABOUT page (super easy and fun!).

: Freaking out because nobody is buying? Read this. When it comes to running a successful business launch… it’s about people, not details. #MicDrop

: Got a bad case of the “Are we theeeere yets?!” … because your business/career isn’t where you want it to be yet? We’ve all been there.

: Don’t hide your brushstrokes. Telling the truth about your life, even if it’s not always “pretty,” can help your clients and customers to feel more intimately connected to you. Don’t hide your imperfections. Reveal what’s real.

: How to plan the ultimate working vacation (workcation). ‘Cause seriously, you need one.

: Seething with jealousy over someone who appears to be massively successful? Read this. I still gets tons of emails about this post! It obviously struck a chord with you guys…

: Good work always gets found. You don’t need crazy marketing gimmicks. Just make something worth talking about and obsessing over. Simple and true.

There you have it, peeps!

The BEST OF 2015.

I am wishing you an absolutely beautiful rest of your year, filled with lots of rest, reflection, relaxation, and all of your favorite guilty pleasures.

Here’s to a brand new year that is even more delicious – on every level.

It’s such an honor to write for you, create things for you, get emails from you, and play with you – always!