Business has never been better

Soapy dramas. Page-turning novels. Music that slaps (is that what the kids say???) And of course—seasonal lattes with extra whipped cream.

Obsessions? Everybody’s got ‘em.

The things that give you goosebumps. Fun, playful, addictive—an instant jolt of happiness.

Most people think obsessions are something to savor once you’ve “earned” them.

A bit of mindless indulgence, once your “hard work” for the day is done.

I used to think that way, too. Until one day, several years ago, I found myself binge-watching several episodes of Gossip Girl… at 1 in the afternoon. On a weekday.

I was in deep. I didn’t want to quit. And at first, I felt totally bad and slacker-ish for indulging in my favorite TV show, instead of being “productive” and “getting things done.”

But then, just as an experiment, I decided to give myself full permission to enjoy every drama-packed minute, for as long as I wanted.

I savored three episodes in a row—three full hours of Upper East Side sauciness.

Then, when I finally sat back down at my computer at 4 in the afternoon, I cranked out some of the best work I’d done all year—faster than I’d ever thought possible.

Hmmm… I thought. Could indulging in my obsessions actually make me more productive and creative? There might be something to this.

The next day, I repeated the experiment. This time? Three episodes of Gossip Girl with a delicious pot of french press coffee… followed by two hours of laser-focused work, plowing through emails with glee, cranking out some content, and checking to see how my latest launch was rolling along… all while channeling my inner Blair Waldorf.

I’ve repeated this “obsession experiment” pretty much every single day, since then.

Business has never been better. 

What I’ve learned?

I can accomplish more in two hours when I’m happy (fueled by a big dose of my favorite obsessions!) than I can in twelve hours when I’m bored and miserable.

And I bet—if you do a little experimenting of your own—you’ll discover that you’re wired exactly the same way.

So, try this:

For one full week, I want you to enjoy one of your favorite obsessions sometime during your workday.

Your obsession may not be Gossip Girl or obscene amounts of coffee. There are no “wrong” obsessions. Right now I’m screaming with a friend over text about the latest episode of Servant while my husband is sitting next to me drinking hot chocolate and diving into his obsession… options trading.

I’ll repeat… there are no “wrong” obsessions.

Need some obsess-spiration?

🧡  Take a fun online class that has nothing to do with your business.

🧡  Bake something… and enjoy it fresh from the oven (and send me some pleeeeease!)

🧡  Choose one person you love and write them a handwritten note, or fire off a sweet text.

🧡  Check out some dreamy real estate, just for fun (and watch this hysterical SNL sketch about Zillow!)

🧡  Get physical! Dance, run, skip, jump, roll around in the grass… get obsessed with movement!

🧡  Call a friend for a chat, and make a pact to NOT talk about “work” for twenty minutes.

🧡  Put your favorite PJs and blanket in the dryer, then snuggle up inside the warm cozyness.

Pick an obsession (or two… or three!) Indulge away.

Before long, you’ll be obsessed with your workday… and your clients & customers will feel your renewed energy and get obsessed with you!