So Obsessed Podcast

About the SO OBSESSED Podcast

Melissa Cassera and Alex Franzen are best friends who love getting together to drink coffee and talk about all of their obsessions.

What kinds of obsessions, you ask? Everything from *Jennifer Lopez movies* to *underground Siberian twerk-dance battles* to *lesser-known Justin Bieber songs* to *tiny baby pumpkins* to *Nick Viall’s sausage pasta recipe*.

In a world that often feels bleak and discouraging, SO OBSESSED is a ray of sunshine, friendship, and encouragement for your ears.

Listen as Melissa and Alex gush about their many obsessions…debate hypothetical questions (“Would you date someone with the exact same name as your dad?”)…try (and fail) to improvise rap lyrics…and re-enact steamy sex scenes from their favorite movies.

This show is for grown-up people (not kids) and includes some cursing/adult language and grown-up topics (like sex).

Take a break from the stress of your day and let this show become your new obsession!


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SO OBSESSED Episode Links

SEASON 2, EPISODE 1 – Musicals, Still Obsessed, Love is Blind

Alex and Melissa are baaaack! In this episode, they discuss musicals, what they’re still obsessed with, revisit the great beard debate, chat about Love is Blind on Netflix, and Melissa reveals a time she also hit Jason Momoa with her car. 

Hadestown on Broadway

Creepy ballet drama Flesh & Bone

JLo and Shakira Superbowl Halftime Show

A Rod “stan” account for J Lo 

Keroppi Super Soother Sheet Face Mask

Netflix show Bonding  

Jason Momoa Pink Scrunchie

Love is Blind on Netflix 

SEASON 2, EPISODE 2 – Would you date?, Work Sabbaticals, Sexy Brazilian Dramas

Alex and Melissa play a game of “would you date?” Then they discuss work sabbaticals, fantasy careers, and sexy Brazilian drama Verdades Secretas.

First Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer 

Aleya Dao Music

Elastic Workout Bands

Dove Dry Shampoo  

Post Male Syndrome

Verdades Secretes 

SEASON 2, EPISODE 3 – Fan Submitted Erotica, Checklists, Rihanna

Alex and Melissa read fan-submitted erotic novel descriptions. Then they discuss the magic of checklists, Rihanna’s fashion show, and more.  

A Daddy for Christmas (we knew this would exist – hahahaha)

The Checklist Book by Alex!

Free Daily Checklist Workbook

Finish What You Started Checklist Workbook

Checklists for Challenging Times

Melissa’s angsty playlist    

Rihanna Savage x Fenty Fashion Show


Buti Yoga

SEASON 2, EPISODE 4 – Healthy Obsessions, The Watcher, Candles

Alex and Melissa discuss healthy obsessions, then talk about Melissa’s creepy obsession – a real life story called The Watcher. Alex’s candle obsession makes an appearance. 

Word Game – Dating Profile – 2020 

Naturopath in Los Angeles 

Natural Cycles app

MyFlo App

Buzzfeed Quizzes

The Watcher 

Trader Joe’s Reddit Forum

Ross Stores for Candles

Echo Dot

SEASON 2, EPISODE 5 – Self Esteem, Nespresso, Fan Favorite Coco

Alex and Melissa go deep on self esteem, then discuss their love for Nespresso and give love to a sweet fan named Coco!

Betterhelp for Online Therapy

Ted Talk on Emotional First Aid

Jeremih “Down on Me”

Twerking to “Down on Me” 


Awesome review of Melissa’s movie GIRL FOLLOWED

SEASON 2, EPISODE 6 – Hypothetical Questions, Verity, Kim Anami

Alex and Melissa tackle hypothetical questions. Then Melissa shares her horror story about the book Verity by Colleen Hoover. Finally, they wrap up discussing their obsession with sex coach Kim Anami. 

The Baby Dilemma book

Roses and Rose


Verity by Colleen Hoover

Kim Anami



EPISODE ONE: Dance movies, Justin Bieber, Dating Someone with the Same Name as your Dad

In the first episode of SO OBSESSED, Melissa & Alex gush about the magic of the first Step Up movie and other random scenes from dance movies and TV shows. They also discover a little-known Justin Bieber tune that will change your life, and debate over dating someone with the same name as your dad.  

OG Step Up final dance with Channing and Jenna 
*Note – Chris Rock was NOT in this movie. It was Mario! hahahahahaha

Dance Academy Trailer

Sexy krumping from Bring it On, All or Nothing

Taylor Girls Wedgie Video

Adam Rippon Riffs On Celebrity Wine

James Corden and Jamie Dornan Fifty Shades Parody

Buti Yoga

Justin Bieber’s Backpack Song – sadly no music video 🙁

If you’re sick, try this ACV recipe: 1 tsp of ACV, 1 tsp of honey, squeeze of fresh lemon, boiling water. Mix in a little espresso cup and voila! Germs disappear!


EPISODE TWO: Jennifer Lopez, Improvising Sex Scenes, Satisfya

Warning: steaminess ahead! The obsession continues as Melissa & Alex re-enact the apparently improvised sex scene from Jennifer Lopez’s movie Boy Next Door. They obsess some more about all things J. Lo before introducing you to the greatest song you’ve never heard—“Satisfya” by Dutch-Pakistani rapper Imran Khan. They also dive deep into the undercover world of primal scream cowboy Jimmy Barnes.

J’Lo Love Don’t Cost a Thing video

Jenny from the Block video – vintage Ben Affleck! That is all!

Boy Next Door steamy scene

Jennifer Lopez Ni Tu Ni Yo video

A Rod Instagram account 

Imran Khan Satisfya

Astro-Biz Digest from The Tarot Lady Theresa Reed

Primal Scream Cowboy Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes tattoo photo (c’mon doesn’t it look like his own name on his chest at first glance?!?)

Yoga Blocks


EPISODE THREE: Erotic Fiction, Imaginary Romance Novel Characters, The Great Facial Hair Debate

It’s all things erotic fiction in the third episode of SO OBSESSED. Alex and Melissa dish about their favorite romance novels and even share their favorite imaginary romance novel characters (Ridge Cockton forever!) Then they enter a “very serious” debate about facial hair.

Xanthe sexy X-files fan fiction

New Adult genre book Beautiful Disaster

Ridge Cockton Forever – our ridiculous imaginary romance novel characters Planners

I Weigh Campaign

Again with This Podcast 

Moon Milk Recipe … and another that’s dreamy pink! 

Andy Mineo music 


EPISODE FOUR: Reality Dating Shows, Nick Viall’s Pasta Recipe

Have you ever dated anyone who later ended up as a contestant on an embarrassing reality TV dating show? Melissa has… and lived to tell her tale. Alex and Melissa also share the surprisingly delicious pasta recipe from former Bachelor Nick Viall’s Instagram stories and many more obsessions.

Mr. Personality Dating Show where everyone wore deeply creepy masks

Love at First Kiss – cringe!

Bachelor Vietnam – both women dump the suitor… for each other!

Nick Viall’s Sausage Pasta Recipe
Note: Nick sadly does not have a cookbook nor a website so we frantically scribbled notes from his unsaved Instagram stories to get this recipe and then promptly lost the notes. Hopefully Nick will hear our pleas and release a cookbook soon. Here’s the recipe from memory…

1 lb of italian sausage
1 package of pasta (I use Banza chickpea pasta but anything will work!)
White wine
Garlic (I use about 4-5 cloves but it depends on how much you like!)
Olive oil
Fresh parsley
Red pepper flakes
Parmesan cheese

: Boil salted water and cook/drain pasta
: Heat olive oil and garlic until fragrant in a large saute pan
: Add sausage and cook until brown, crumble with a spatula as you cook
: Add a few swirls of white wine, cook until reduced
: Add cooked pasta and fresh parsley and heat for a few minutes
: Sprinkle with parmesan and season with red pepper flakes

Dancer Amanda LaCount Instagram

Passionflix – erotic novels turned movies!

YA Author Katie McGarry


Charcoal Toothpaste


EPISODE FIVE: Workout Obsessions, Foam Rollers, Drake on Cake

Ready to sweat? Alex & Melissa share their favorite workout obsessions including a class called “ass party.” Then they dive into creating a self-care oasis using foam rollers, epsom salts and Drake on Cake.

Buti Yoga

The Ass Party class is no longer! Sad! Here’s on online twerk workout!

Pon De FLO

Committed Impulse

Yoga for Bedtime

Foam Rollers

Dr. Teal’s Soothe and Sleep Epsom Salt 

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney skit

Drake on Cake

Lavender scented towel recipe 


EPISODE SIX: Therapy, Furikake Popcorn, Sexy Fan Compilation Videos

More obsessions with self-care as Melissa & Alex dive into the magic of therapy as well as other therapeutic ideas like stuffing furikake popcorn in your face and binge-watching sexy fan compilation videos on Youtube.

BetterHelp online therapy

Almond Butter and Jelly Overnight Oats recipe or this one or this one

Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Bread

Smoothies!… Matcha Smoothie… Snickerdoodle SmoothieSuperfood Smoothie

Furikake Popcorn is apparently available only in Hawaii (lucky Alex!) but here’s a recipe to make your own

Epic remixes of pop songs like Hit Me Baby One More Time 

Sexy fan fiction compilations like THIS ONE of Anne & Henry from The Tudors. Gahhhhh!

Crisis Text Line


EPISODE SEVEN: Turkish TV Series, Angsty Teen Dramas, Pop Star Names

Is it possible to be TOO OBSESSED with your favorite TV show? Melissa and Alex don’t think so as they swoon about their favorite Turkish TV series, Erkenci Kuş, and a decade-old teen drama called South of Nowhere. Then they discover their secret pop star, rock star and country star names – each of which is shockingly perfect for Alex… not so much for Melissa.

Erkenci Kuş fan video – tell us you’re not dyyyyyying! The slow-mo hotness!

Fraules twerk dancing

Imran Khan – yep, so obsessed we talk about him TWICE

What’s your pop star name? Rock star name? Country star name?

UCB Improv

Hunter Wellies Rain Boots 

Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp 

. . . .


Podcast recorded @ Kukuau Studio
Engineered by Bub Pratt
Additional Mixing, Keli’i Nance
Music by Bub Pratt @, Hilo, HI. 2018
Artwork: Courtney Yager | instagram: @sketchlovelykc