The Swirl Effect

What if your whole life & business felt like your favorite obsession?

No more separation between your secret passions and your public persona … no more chasm between what you love and what you do … no more hiding or idea-hopping or hat-juggling …

… just one, big, delicious swirl.

The Swirl Effect is what happens when you twirl your secret passions, obsessions and professional expertise into one integrated identity.

The result? An irresistible personal brand — and a life & business that you love.

The Swirl Effect is a guided workbook for people who’ve been scolded for being ‘unfocused’ or ‘random’ with their choices — but who quietly suspect that there’s real power (and money) in yielding to what feels naturally fascinating & fun.

As your fearless leader — and a lifelong Swirler — I bring nearly two decades of marketing, business, and branding expertise into the mix.

In The Swirl Effect, you’ll learn …

: How to swirl your secret passions & professional expertise together to create an obsession-worthy personal brand — and ensure that you never get bored of your work!

: Why infusing more fun into your work isn’t just good livin’ — but a must-have element of your marketing plan!

: How to bring more of your one-of-a-kind Swirl into your work, right away — without closing your business or starting all over from scratch.

And you’ll walk away with …

: A Swirl Statement that sums up your personality & professional ambitions in a few tidy sentences.

: Mind-meltingly-hot ideas on how to leverage your Swirl into your brand, bio, content, marketing plan, and your products & services.

: Permission to bring your whole self into every area of your life & business — which means no more grinding away just to bankroll a few weeks of vacation. Sah-weet!

Ready to SWIRL?

Purchase The Swirl Effect here.