VIP Days

A full day of OBSESSION.

You & me, 1-on-1, my screenwriter & publicity strategist brain… allll over your copy & content.

What happens during a VIP Day?

I bring 15+ years of experience in publicity and marketing, plus my writing chops—all the lessons I’ve learned as a Hollywood screenwriter about how to craft language that sizzles and sells—to your business, copy & content. 

During this VIP day, you get 6 hours of strategy, copy, feedback, sparkles & in-depth suggestions on things like:

: Launch messaging/copy/emails
: Funnels
: Sales Pages
: Nurture/Welcome sequences
: Awesome names for programs, podcasts, services, products, etc.
: Scripts for promotional videos
: Lead magnets
: Webinars
: Newsletters
: Pitches to get booked on podcasts or featured in magazines, TV, etc.  

… basically, whatever you need help with that we can squeeze in that time frame!

Please note: VIP Days are a copy development & strategy service, not a traditional copywriting service. While I do offer plenty of suggested copy, this isn’t a service that includes rounds of edits.

How it goes down…

  1. We’ll meet in the morning over Zoom (PST) for 60 minutes to strategize. During our chat, I’ll use my signature “Swirl” method to bubble all of your passion & personality to the surface! Swirling your whole personality into your work = more profits and less heartache.
  2. You relax…ahhhh… while I spend the next five hours digging into whatever copy and content you want me to review, edit, or create.
  3. By that evening, I’ll provide links and a summary of everything I created during our day. 
  4. After our VIP day, you’ll have email access to my brain for an additional 3 business days for follow-up questions, cheers & support!

*As a reminder there are no rounds of edits, additional copy, or follow-up calls included in this offer.


Melissa Cassera is an award-winning Publicity Expert, Content Creator, and Professional Screenwriter based in Los Angeles and Washington State. 

She is the behind-the-scenes wordsmith & consultant for several NY Times bestselling authors, 7-figure course launches, and multi-million dollar brands. 

Melissa and her work have been featured in Variety, LA Times, Success Magazine, and Fast Company. She was named one of the nation’s Top Personal Branding Experts by The Huffington Post

On-screen, Melissa is the writer of THE OBSESSION THRILLOGY (Lifetime Network’s first trilogy of movies.) She is also the writer of the films HER STOLEN PAST and GIRL FOLLOWED. She has three films coming out in 2022 and five additional projects in active development. 

When Melissa is not whipping together obsession-worthy words, she can be found guzzling Nespresso, hiking through the lush green forests of Washington state, or cuddling her dogs.



Full payment is required to book the date.

*There are no refunds for this experience. All of your payments are non-refundable. Please only say yes if it’s a THOUSAND TIMES, YES!

VIP Days are currently sold out for 2022. If you’d like to get on the waitlist in case a spot opens up, please send me an email:

. . .

VIP Day Love <3

Before booking a VIP Day with Melissa, I had been spending a LOT of time marketing and creating content for my business but was struggling to convert people into clients. I was doing “all the things” but I was too close to my work to get an objective view of what was misaligned. Over the course of several years, I had taken SO MANY online programs and been a part of multiple masterminds and groups with various online business experts and coaches. However not much of what they taught resonated with my specific business, the way I wanted to operate, or who I was trying to reach. As a result, I was begrudgingly doing the things I “should” yet none of it was working for me.

The final straw came after I had spent more than two months pouring ALL of my time and energy into launching my online course… and the launch didn’t result in the sales I’d hoped for. I knew that something was wrong, but I couldn’t see what it was, or what I should be doing differently. Frustrated, exhausted, and heartbroken, I reached out to Melissa for help. I’ve taken all of Melissa’s programs, so I already knew that her philosophy of sharing your whole self and doing work that feels FUN completely matches how I want to show up in my business and in the world. Because she’s an endless source of wisdom, inspiration, and creativity, I was absolutely positive that Melissa was the one to help me figure out what was going on, and get on the right track.

Initially, my goal for the VIP day was to figure out what to do differently in my next launch so that I’d successfully speak to my ideal client’s needs and desires and enroll some students. However, Melissa dove into WAY more than that. She not only helped me see where my communications were off and corrected my messaging, but she also created a fun and fresh new way of repackaging and presenting my program so that it’s irresistible to the people I want to work with…and so much more! This woman is a productivity goddess. 

What’s more is that Melissa set me up for success with this new vision in every way imaginable, from revising my website and marketing copy to coming up with blog topics that hit on the major challenges my ideal client faces. And she did ALL THIS with kindness, graciousness, and generosity that I can’t thank her enough for! I don’t think I’ll go to anyone else for my business and marketing strategies, ever again.

Melissa instantly lifted ALL my stress and concerns off of my shoulders, made me feel passionate about my work again and hopeful for the future of my business!

When it came to writing content before I started working with Melissa, I felt overwhelmed and uncreative. I knew I wanted to duplicate my “real life” personality but was unsure how to do that in my writing without watering down my passion and my ability to work work with women to take their business to the next level. After working with Melissa, my confidence has skyrocketed. I’m so proud of not only how my messaging sounds like me, it’s also entertaining and educational.  I would say run (don’t walk) to secure your spot to work with this genius. She can do more in one day than other copywriters can do in a month. Melissa is not only relatable and an amazing writer, but she also makes working together easy and fun!

– Terra Bohlmann, Business Strategist + Coach

When I came to Melissa I was frustrated with doing business and publicity in a way that felt unoriginal and wasn’t working. I was afraid and didn’t know how to do it my way. I knew I needed help with getting my content out into the world and freeing up my voice but even after trying big programs and even small workshops and individual sessions with accomplished people I still was feeling stuck. In one VIP session, Melissa got me flowing and into connection with myself and my audience. She helped me see that I was still holding back, exactly what I support other women in not doing, and she helped me have a breakthrough around that. Our time together was a true pleasure and she was able to find my voice and help me spread it. Melissa helped me unclip my wings.

I’m so impressed that Melissa was able to study me and my work from my years of posting as well as our conversation and organize it all so that it will be fun and easy for me! Her direction and ideas are priceless and this whole experience was a dream come true.

– Danielle Hougard, Love & Intimacy Mentor

It took a really good copywriter to help me find my voice. Yup, it’s true. Despite two best-selling books, lots of speeches, and countless consulting moments, I have found it hard to repeatedly tell it like I saw it in my unique voice. I am a trained synthesizer, good at taking the great work of giants in my field (Brene´Brown, Patrick Lencioni, Daniel Goleman, Margaret Heffernan, Ibram Kendi, and more) and leveraging it to help clients succeed. But these days, it has become important to get grounded in my voice fully. What is my unique POV and how should I say it? If you have ever struggled with this, too, I totally feel you.

Which is where Melissa comes in. I have worked with her 1:1 to re-do a lot of the copy we use for our brand today. It has been fun and practical to work with her and I always look forward to our time together. Ironically, she sometimes helps me SHOW UP with my own stories and sound in ways that enliven the business and my energy for all the writing I do every week. I am so grateful to feel more grounded in my voice thanks to her help!

If you need help with saying what you need to say? Call Melissa.

– Moe Carrick, Leadership Coach + Author

Today has been mind-blowing. You saw things in a certain way and I just kept thinking: wow – that’s what I’ve been wanting to do! The clarity was… whew! I can feel a total difference in my energy, and I finally feel so excited about my direction!

– Eleanor Healy, TrulyMe.Ca

I was waffling, procrastinating, and making excuses for not getting started on a big project that I knew would make my life and business better. There were some details holding me back that I knew could be solved by talking it out with Melissa and getting her expert creative mind on it. Melissa’s strategy was so creative and inspirational, and she truly gave me permission and excitement to move forward. If you’re considering a VIP day with Melissa… seriously, just do it. That thing you’ve been talking about? She will make sure you follow through because you’ll have no more excuses. All the inspiration AND the *How To* will be solved.

– Nika Stewart, Streambank Media

Melissa has the ability to hone in on what’s true, what’s impactful, and what’s going to help you get where you want to go — and she is a lot of fun. Having her writing-content-smarty pants brain working on my business was the best part. She really understood what I was after — and was really focused on helping me find ways to achieve it.

– Mike Ganino, Speaker, Author, Podcaster