Obsessed® VIP Days

My screenwriting & copywriting skills. All yours.
For one obsession-worthy day.

VIP Days are a pretty simple proposition.

I bring 15+ years of experience in publicity and marketing plus my writing chops—all the lessons I’ve learned as a Hollywood screenwriter about how to craft language that sizzles and sells—to your business, copy & content. 

VIP days are ideal if you’re itching for comprehensive feedback, suggestions, and sparkles to make your copy totally binge-worthy. 

What do you get?

During this VIP day, you get 6 total hours of strategy, copy, feedback, sparkles & in-depth suggestions on things like:

: Launch messaging/copy/emails
: Sales Pages
: Website copy (homepage, about page, etc.)
: Nurture/Welcome sequences
: Pitches to get booked on podcasts or featured in magazines, TV, etc.  
: Scripts for promotional videos
: Lead Magnets
: TV show pitches/pitch decks (*2+ VIP days needed for pitch creation)
: Book proposals (*3+ VIP days needed for book proposal writing)

…basically, whatever you need help with!

Who is this perfect for?

: Entrepreneurs with an upcoming launch/promotion who need a savvy set of eyeballs to spot what’s working, what’s not, and how to make your content way more compelling. 

: Business owners who feel totally “meh” about their copy & content. Everything feels like a bore and a chore. Gah, where is the fun?!?

: Anyone who has gone after an opportunity… a sale!… a media opportunity!… a speaking gig!… a TV show!… and all you hear in return is crickets. Something’s not clicking with your copy. Lemme take a peek!

Please note: VIP Days are a copy development & strategy service, not a traditional copywriting service. While I offer plenty of copy for you to use right away, this isn’t a service that includes rounds of edits after our day ends.

How does it work?

We’ll meet in the morning over Zoom (PST) for 60 minutes to strategize. During our chat, I’ll use my signature “Swirl” method to bubble all of your passion & personality to the surface! Swirling your whole personality into your work = more profits and less heartache.

You relax…ahhhh…while I spend the rest of the day digging into whatever copy and content you want me to review, edit, or create.

By that evening, I’ll provide links and a summary of everything I created during our day. 

After our VIP day, you’ll have email access to my brain for an additional 7 days for follow-up questions, cheers & support! Yay!

What’s the price for a VIP day?

Your investment for a VIP date with me is $3500 (USD). 

Payment will be in two installments of $1,750. The first installment is required to book your date, and the 2nd installment is due before your VIP date. 

There are no refunds for VIP days. Please make sure this feels like “a thousand times, yes” prior to booking!

How do I book my date?

I have a limited number of VIP Days available in 2024.

To snag a spot in my calendar, send an email to melissa@casseracommunications.com and let me know that you want to schedule a VIP day and a little about what you’d like to accomplish on that day. 

I’ll send you back 3 possible dates and once you select your perfect date, we’ll get you booked!

If you have any questions about VIP days, please send me an email.

Can’t wait to work with you!