You & me, 1-on-1, my eyeballs… allll over your copy & content.

What happens during a VIP Day?

I bring 15+ years of experience in publicity and marketing, plus my writing chops—all the lessons I’ve learned as a Hollywood screenwriter about how to craft language that sizzles and sells—to your business, copy & content. 

This is ideal if you’re dying for comprehensive feedback, suggestions, and sparkles to make your business totally binge-worthy. 

During this VIP day, you get 8 total hours of strategy, copy reviews, feedback, sparkles & in-depth suggestions on things like:

: Launch messaging/copy/emails
: Funnels
: Sales Pages
: Nurture/Welcome sequences
: Scripts for promotional videos
: Lead Magnets
: Webinars
: Pitches to get booked on podcasts or featured in magazines, TV, etc.  

… basically, whatever you need help with that we can squeeze in that time frame!

Who is this perfect for?

: Entrepreneurs with an upcoming launch/promotion who need a savvy set of eyeballs to spot what’s working, what’s not, and how to make your content way more compelling. 

: Business owners who feel totally “meh” about their copy & content. Everything feels like a bore and a chore. Gah, where is the fun?!?

: Anyone who has gone after an opportunity… a sale!… a media opportunity!… a speaking gig!… and all you hear in return is depressing crickets. Something’s not clicking with your copy. Lemme take a peek!

Please note: VIP Days are a copy development & strategy service, not a traditional copywriting service. While I do offer plenty of suggested copy, this isn’t a service that includes rounds of full edits. This service is perfect for you if you have existing copy or source material to work from – and want the suggestions and edits from a professional screenwriter & publicity strategist make it more binge-worthy!

How it goes down…

  1. We’ll meet in the morning over Zoom (PST) for 90 minutes to strategize. During our chat, I’ll use my signature “Swirl” method to bubble all of your passion & personality to the surface! Swirling your whole personality into your work = more profits and less heartache.
  2. You relax…ahhhh… while I spend the next six hours digging into whatever copy and content you want me to review, edit, or create.
  3. By that evening, I’ll provide links and a summary of everything I created during our day. 
  4. After our VIP day, you’ll have email access to my brain for an additional 7 days for follow-up questions, cheers & support! Yay! 



Full payment is required to book the date.

*There are no refunds for this experience. All of your payments are non-refundable. Please only say yes if it’s a THOUSAND TIMES, YES!


Due to my exceedingly busy screenwriting schedule in 2020 and 2021, I have a limited number of VIP days available, and these are often booked out well in advance.

To book a date, please email to inquire about availability:

. . .

VIP Day Love <3

Today has been mind blowing. You saw things in a certain way and I just kept thinking: wow – that’s what I’ve been wanting to do! The clarity was… whew! I can feel a total difference in my energy, and I finally feel so excited about my direction! 

– Eleanor Healy, TrulyMe.Ca


I was waffling, procrastinating, and making excuses for not getting started on a big project that I knew would make my life and business better. There were some details holding me back that I knew could be solved by talking it out with Melissa and getting her expert creative mind on it. Melissa’s strategy was so creative and inspirational, and she truly gave me permission and excitement to move forward. If you’re considering a VIP day with Melissa… seriously, just do it. That thing you’ve been talking about? She will make sure you follow through because you’ll have no more excuses. All the inspiration AND the *How To* will be solved.

– Nika Stewart, Streambank Media


Melissa has the ability to hone in on what’s true, what’s impactful, and what’s going to help you get where you want to go — and she is a lot of fun. Having her writing-content-smarty pants brain working on my business was the best part. She really understand what I was after — and was really focused on helping me find ways to achieve it.

– Mike Ganino, Mike Drop Moment