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I can show you how to create content and offers that SEND YOUR FANS INTO A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FRENZY.

1:1 mentoring


An entire day devoted to strategizing your dreams!

Maybe you want to brainstorm a year’s worth of content ideas, jazz up your marketing plan, craft “want to hire me?” emails that you can send to potential clients, or create pitches to introduce you to media outlets.

Whatever your goal, you’ll get all-day access to my business strategist & screenwriter brain—so we can pool together the best and most creative strategies that will have you feeling like a binge-worthy Hollywood blockbuster in no time. DETAILS HERE


OBSESSED #Squad Mastermind

Six month mastermind for business owners looking to level up their obsession.

The OBSESSED #Squad is all about leveling up. You’ve already got “the basics” handled when it comes to your biz—now it’s time to level up and reach for bigger goals and opportunities. If you’d like to raise your rates… if you’d like to roll out an ambitious new program… or if you want to take your writing/blogging/content creation from “pretty good” to “irresistibly enticing and binge-readable,” this is the place for you.You can check out details and APPLY HERE.



Learn how to create a newsletter that’s so fun, inspiring, and filled with personality, it sends your subscribers into a purchasing frenzy. (Click. Open. OMG!)

Make your newsletter way more fun, entertaining, interesting, and valuable, so that your clients and customers practically moan with ecstasy when your messages fly into their inboxes! Enroll in CLICKSANITY right HERE.

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