A sneak peek at 2021

I’m over here sipping (okay, downing) my third espresso of the morning, surrounded by moving boxes, heaped into some combination of exhaustion and anticipation. I know I’m not alone in this feeling.

But today I’m choosing to lean into anticipation and give those of you who enjoy a little behind-the-scenes peek into my business & life something to savor.

On the docket for me next year?

More play. Slowing down. Deeper connections. Lots of rainy Twilight vibes. Movies galore!

Here’s all of that dripped out in more detail…

I’m moving! Five years ago I moved to Los Angeles to chase my dream of screenwriting. My initial goal was to hopefully-maybe write a Lifetime movie (my ultimate guilty pleasure.) Fast forward to now, I’ve written six movies for the network, three of which were their very first trilogy – appropriately named ‘The Obsession Thrillogy.’ My work was featured in Variety and LA Times. I’m writing five additional movies in 2021 and have some other exciting projects in the works.

I’m so incredibly grateful for these opportunities and worked really, really, really hard for them. But I never wanted to live in Los Angeles, it was just a necessary step in this journey. The industry itself has changed radically over the last few years (and specifically in 2020), and it’s no longer a requirement for me to live in this city. This shift opened up a new world of freedom and possibilities for me, and after some not-so-hard convincing of my husband – we are moving to Washington State at the end of January!

Ever since I stepped foot in that lush, green, dreamy-gloomy state years ago – I’ve been obsessed with moving there. I’m someone who thrives in the rain and gets very depressed in the sun – so this move is soothing my vampiric soul.

Smokin’ hot novel. Two years. 85,000 words. Endless revisions. Lots of angsty playlists and watching teen drama compilations on Youtube for #research. I’ve finally finished my YA fantasy-romance novel and I’m ready to start pitching it to agents this January! If you’ve followed along this journey with me, you know this novel is a pretty low-stakes project. My wildest dream would be to get a major publishing deal for a trilogy of books, sell the film rights, write all the scripts, and have Ben Affleck direct all three movies (ha!) But if I never sell the books, I’ll just quietly self-publish and give them to a dozen of my eager friends who love sexy, angsty teen romances. I’m happy either way.

(Even more) ooey-gooey, almost too-good-to-be-true workshops and challenges. If you’ve swirled in my world for a bit, you know I absolutely love hosting fun, no-cost online events and challenges every year to make your marketing, publicity, copy, content, and all other corners of your biz feel like your favorite obsession. This will kick off with my International Batching Day in January where people from all over the world will get together and batch binge-worthy content in less time with less stress. Wham, bam, done! Details hitting your inbox soon-ish.

Working with me. As my schedule begins to crunch tighter, my VIP Days are booking up verrrry fast. A VIP Day is you and me—1-on-1—my eyeballs & writer brain all over your copy & content. We can whip together an attention-grabbing funnel, jazz up your sales page and website copy, make your message more magnetic, craft pitches to get featured in magazines or on podcasts, or whatever you want to work on. Most. Productive. Day. Ever. Check out the details here and get in touch asap if you want to book a date before they sell out.

That’s a peek at my 2021. I hope to spend at least a part of it with you!